We are one of the leading manufacturers of Steam activated carbon in South India with a manufacturing capacity of 7000 metric tons per annum. We aim to be the world-class leader in manufacturing activated carbon products that are purely derived from coconut shells. Raw materials are finely scanned to avail the best quality in order to generate the pre-eminent activated carbon in the world.Our organisation has always been committed to delivering high-quality products and services to the end customer. We continuously strive to fulfil our commitment towards the up-gradation of the environment, society, customers and employees.


During the manufacturing process, samples are collected at various stages and tested in our in-house laboratory by trained personnel.

We have prepared our own Quality Plan to test material Right from Raw Material to finished products and the plans are as per ASTM Methods
and various standard testing methods.


To be the biggest and the best manufacturer and handler of Activated Carbon.

Our Mission

To make the best quality activated carbon with competitive prices.